Check out this music video by local artist Brae King. It was filmed in the parking garage at Fort Tar Lofts when renovations were in progress in 2014!


Roethke was Virginia’s oldest auto dealership.

The Roethke dealership was located at 1001 Monticello Ave. and was built in 1915. They sold Desotos, Hupmobiles, and Plymouths. In 1938, the building was expanded to allow room for more showroom space as well as a service repair area located on the second floor. The building was purchased by Mid Town Motors in 1961, who occupied the space until 1967. Kline Chevrolet purchased the building shortly thereafter and used the body shop for a few years. The building was used for other businesses following the 1960’s. This is a historical piece of architecture that will be preserved for many years to come.

Fort Tar Lane got its name from the Colonial-era fort which was used in the War of 1812 along with two other forts (Fort Barbour and Fort Norfolk, which is still standing). It was located directly across from Monticello Ave. in what is now a city-owned parking lot. The fort protected Portsmouth and Norfolk from the British during the war.  What became of the fort is a mystery to this day, as it completely disappeared from maps in 1850.